Lakes and Ponds

Any property can benefit from the presence of a pond or lake, which can serve as a stunning focal point. Providing lake excavation & pond construction services is our specialty at MPC Groundwork. Having successfully delivered successful projects for decades for private individuals, estates, commercial clients, national charities and government authorities alike, we have a strong operational core.

We provide services to the infrastructure and waste industries under strict guidance from the Construction Leadership Council and the Health & Safety Executive. Our experts can collaborate with the local authorities, government bodies, or consultants on water projects to ensure the highest standards are met. Even the most challenging water project is no match for MPC Groundwork. We have the expertise, machinery, and equipment at our disposal to handle any large or small project, from a garden pond to a substantial lake.

Our company has been involved in the design and construction of aquatic civil engineering projects for many years. As part of our complete design-and-build service we offer guidance and advice on obtaining the various planning permissions, as well as employing our own architects to customise plans to suit our customers’ needs. We complete all our projects ourselves with our own fleet of modern construction equipment from heavy excavators to our lightweight rubber tracked machines enabling us to accomplish everything from large scale wetlands to water features and ponds.

Any size or specification can be accommodated by our lake and pond liners. The beauty of lakes and ponds is not only enhanced by their visual appeal, but also because they provide habitat to numerous species of wildlife. It is important, therefore, to conserve these natural resources. Ponds and lakes can grace any property and when designed properly, can be a feature that will be admired by all. Most people underestimate the amount of work required and soon discover it’s not as simple as digging a hole and filling it with water.

We can build and refurbish a pond or lake on your property for a free consultation, MPC Groundwork will then provide a written quotation for the works discussed. From complete turn-key projects to just the supply of membrane panels, we can provide all the services needed.

We have constructed for our clients some magnificent lakes and ponds of varying size and depth with our excavation and geotechnical teams. Taking care to provide the best conditions for the surrounding wildlife, the team drains, captures and re-homes your fish for any existing installation. Our team is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and processes while ensuring safety.

Swimming Pools

Our experience has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the swimming pool construction process and guarantee outstanding deliveries. We know how challenging it can be to design and build a swimming pool according to your specifications. Before breaking ground, consider your options so that your construction goes smoothly. Swimming pools that fit your specifications are constructed by us using high-quality materials. We look forward to hearing from you!

In doing so, we provide swimming pool projects that exceed the expectations of our clients’ by a great deal. We have developed a vast knowledge of swimming pool construction, ranging from basic designs to elaborate pools built into city centre basements and skyscrapers. Swimming pools are water-retaining structures used for exercise and leisure. Swimming pools can be constructed in the ground or above ground, as a free-standing structure or as part of another structure such as a building, ship, or other structure.

A quality pool area will require both an experienced designer and an architecture and interior designer if the pool will be constructed indoors. We are more than happy to work with any building team you already have in place to complete the job to your standards. We will be able to make this process easier if we are brought on board sooner rather than later. The swimming pools we construct are unique and tailored to fit the needs of every person that uses them. Swimming pools must be built by craftsman, and they must be built to last. We create pools that are visually stunning, while providing excellent customer service.

Additionally, we cover ground conditions, determining the best method to level the ground, planning the pool groundworks and excavation, designing the landscaping around the inground pool, and inground pool paving and decking. Additionally, we provide a great deal of information about creating a pool that enhances your property value, and not a pool that reduces it. If you are interested in discussing your pool construction project, please contact us.