Excavations & Site Clearances

Excavating Service

Guidance on electrical safety for excavation work and underground services. We at MPC Groundworks are a company you can trust for expert excavation services. We give you peace of mind and lay the foundation for your next building project. When underground cable systems are damaged, people can be killed and injured by electric shock or electrical arcs (resulting in explosions) or by flames. If protective clothing is worn, this can still result in severe burns to the face, hands, and body.

For the work to proceed safely, you may have to make underground cables dead. When customers are to be disconnected from their electric service, electricity companies are required to provide them with five days notice. Obtaining and reviewing plans or other appropriate information about all buried utilities in the area is essential before excavation begins. Excavation should be carried out as though there are live buried services in the area if the excavation is an emergency and plans and other information cannot be found.

After the cable positions and routes have been determined using a tracking device, excavation may be carried out, and test holes may be dug using suitable hand tools if necessary to confirm this. Make sure you excavate alongside the service, not directly above it. In order to minimize the effect of the force applied by hand tools, final exposure by horizontal digging is encouraged.

Count on our friendly team of excavating contractors to help you prepare your site for construction by listening to your plans and offering advice. If you are in need of excavation for clearing land or installing storm drainage systems, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality services.

Site Clearing

Site clearance, also known as land clearance, is the process of removing all accumulated waste from a particular space to ensure the space is completely clear. This process involves the use of specialist heavy machinery that requires expert operators. Site clearing involves removing all of the natural elements from a piece of ground in order to prepare the space for construction. You can learn more here.

In order to clear the site for foundation construction, excavation must be done. We also took health and safety precautions to ensure that the construction site was ready for construction and that nobody was injured. In order to construct a quality project, you need to make the site ready for construction. In addition to the condition of the project site, consider both the surface and subsurface conditions. It is important to explore these thoroughly.

This process requires the use of heavy machinery, a skilled team of operators who have the expertise and understanding to operate the equipment, and the means to legally dispose of the waste. Performing any form of construction work, including Site Clearance, requires extensive knowledge and skill to operate the equipment and machinery.

The process of securing a site is a complex one that requires a lot of expertise and experience. In taking on this task yourself, you could delay the start of the construction project that the site is being cleared for.